Thursday, Nov. 18th


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Archery, arrow, target, target practice icon Students will be able to… Identify examples of the universals of cultures that include social, political, cultural, and economic to compare  current American cultures and past Inuit cultures.
Success criteria:

  •  I can explain the term Universal
  • I can explain the term culture
  • I can identify 3 Universals of culture in America
  • I can compare the American culture with the culture of the Inuit
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                                           Class work
  • My Universals of Culture (Schoology)
  • Universals of Culture- notes (resources) to help you! (Schoology)

(Assignments can be found in your Schoology account.)

Absent?:  Go to the RED folder ‘Culture’ in Schoology and click on the assignment, ‘My Universals of Culture’ and follow the directions on the slides.  Complete ‘Arts/Recreation and Communication’.  Use the ‘Universals of Culture- notes (resources) to help you!



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